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BookBite was created to spread the joy of reading

About Us

This segment is targeted towards Young Adult fiction readers; more specifically 13-18 year olds. The BookBite YA subscription contains a brand new YA novel, a short story written by a subscriber, 3-4 bookish goodies and an online experience.

BookBite YA

This segment is for young readers between the ages of 8-12 years old. The BookBite Jr. subscription includes fun activities in addition to the books and goodies.

BookBite Jr.

BookBite+ caters to advance readers with reading maturity. The subscription provides a host of higer level fiction and non-fiction books to the subscribers along with an online experience.


The prep model is specially designed for students planning to write the SAT/ACT exams and caters to their requirement of reading higher level books and classics.

BookBite SAT/ACT Preparedness

Our Story Begins Here

One of BookBite’s goals is to spread the love for reading and to encourage more people of all ages to start reading. This is why, we at Bookbite, have started to have interactive and educational sessions with students from grades 5 to 7 in the Parikrma schools. As part of these sessions we train them on higher level reading and writing skills.

As part of our ongoing effort, we are in the process of publishing our first collection of short stories written collaboratively with the students at Parikrma schools and volunteers helping to edit these stories.


BookBite was featured in Leadership Matters, an online publication, where we describe the journey so far, our challenges and achievements and the way forward.

In conversation with Vanitha Narayanan about technology, artificial intelligence and their impact on BookBite at the IBM India Onward Conference in Delhi

Presentation as part of an Under 20 panel at the NASSCOM India Leadership forum 2017


Founder & CEO

Soumya Tejam

BookBite was created to harness and spread the joy of reading by Soumya Tejam, a grade 11 student at The International School Bangalore, however today it has grown to become a community of passionate readers and writers. The concept was built to merge the convenience of subscription boxes with the excitement of reading a new book. Her first stint with entrepreneurship was through the Technovation Challenge 2015 where she had the opportunity to represent India along with a few of her classmates in the high school World Summit in San Francisco. Her interest in technology was sparked during the same competition and she is now working on improving the BookBite experience with the help of analytics tools. Through BookBite she hopes to reach out to more enthusiastic readers and leave a mark one book at a time and if she’s not looking for new books to read, then she’s probably reading them.

BookBite Collaborator

Sneha Vyas

Sneha Vyas is a driven and diligent student of Delhi Public School,Bangalore East who is currently studying commerce with maths. Opted for this stream out of choice, she relishes studying accounts and maths, and aspires to pursue a career in finance. Her extensive interest in the field of mathematics has enabled her to participate in various math competitions, leading her to recently place the maths event in a science fest named Aarohan. In fact, Sneha engages with a NGO in her complex, where she actively volunteers to teach Maths and English to the underprivileged children. An eminently humble and understanding individual, she also enjoys doodling, swimming, watching movies, and blogging.

BookBite Collaborator

Sahithi Macharla

Sahithi is a Grade 10 student of NPS HSR whose life revolves around characters from every book she’s ever read. Her love for books drives her to enjoy the job of curating books in BookBite. Sahithi’s biggest dream is to spread her dedication and ardour for literature to every kid she knows. She works with her neighbor’s NGO Tejomay, and helps underprivileged children with their reading skills and writing. She is currently pursuing a Grade 8 degree in the Trinity College of London Classical Piano exams, and will be attending the Grade 7 theory test as well. BookBite, for her, is a portal through which young readers can truly discover their favorite genre or truly understand the depth of a story. She also wishes to encourage budding writers to truly discover their element through the plethora of books that BookBite provides, because for her, a true author is one who is capable of combining the styles of many authors and making it their own. The BookBite outreach program is a platform for her to truly discover the inner writer in those who sometimes can’t. Her passion for reading makes her enjoy tasks she takes up related to literature. Along with reading and music, Sahithi enjoys Broadway, old movies, plays, and a good TV show.

BookBite Collaborator

Muskaan Kirpalani

Muskaan Kirpalani, is a 10th grade student in Legacy School Bangalore who is a new enthusiastic reader. Muskaan recently started liking reading which is ironic since it was her worst enemy before. After suddenly picking up a book out of boredom one day, she realised that this is actually fun and that is what got her to keep reading. She hopes to spread the love for reading to others too!Muskaan has been learning the Flute for 9 years now and still at it. She hopes to become even better at her instrument and to spread the joy of music and its beauty. She has performed in various Music schools in Bangalore as well as Casablanca, the city she grew up in, in Morocco.Along with playing such a enchanting instrument, Muskaan is also passionate about contemporary dancing. She used to do ballet, Hip-Hop and now has moved on to Contemporary Muskaan feels that Bookbite is a great way to spread the love for reading and to encourage people of all ages to start reading, as a hobby and not as an assignment. She hopes that her contribution to Bookbite will have a positive effect on people and will give them the motivation to pick up a book every now and then and start reading out of pleasure.