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BookBite is a subscription box service which curates novels, bookish goodies, reading material, short stories and more for a package delivered to our subscribers every quarter. We are building a thriving community of readers and writers in order to spread the love for reading.

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What We Do

Curating books and bookish goodies for every reader

BookBite Young Adult

A package curated specifically for lovers of Young Adult novels - a favourite amongst readers between 13 to 18 years of age. The package includes a brand new YA novel, bookish goodies, a short story by a subscriber and some additional reading recommendations.

BookBite Junior

BookBite Junior is designed to suit the reading interests of students in middle school. The package includes reading material including books and short stories for young readers along with additional information for parents.

BookBite Advanced

BookBite Advanced is for lovers of non-fiction and advanced fiction novels. To cater to a growing population of mature readers. This package brings together expertly curated novels to provide entertaining yet informative books, short stories and bookish goodies.

BookBite Newsletters

This free monthly newsletter enables readers all over the world get bookish recommendations, articles, competitions and more directly from the BookBite curators. The newsletters include videos, articles, featured blog posts and giveaways.

BookBite Accelerated Reading Program

BookBite runs a special program for schools which subscribe to the BookBite package. The BAR Program includes workshops and activities conducted at the school along with reading insights from the BookBite team.

Recent Works

At BookBite, we engage in several activities with different communities to spread the love for reading. Here's a look at some of our experiences.


Learn about the workshops at Parikrma Schools

For every priviledged reader, BookBite supports an underserved reader. Through our reading and writing workshops at Parikrma Schools, we've been helping underserved children develop their critical thinking and writing skills.


Learn about the workshops we conduct in different schools.

In order to spread the love for reading, we engage with schools in conducting workshops on writing skills, discussion groups, short story competiions and critical reading skills.

BAR Program schools

Our work with students at Legacy School

At Legacy School Bangalore, we conduct workshops for the students and engage in various activities throughout the year. A small group of students act as the BookBite representatives at the school.


We've been recognised at various conferences

The founder of BookBite, Soumya Tejam was on a panel with Vanitha Narayanan, chairwoman of IBM to discuss BookBite and technology.


We've been recognised at various conferences

At NASSCOM, BookBite was represented by Soumya Tejam as she discussed the venture on a panel of young leaders with Pramod Bhasin.

Presentation Sessions

The BookBite team has presented at several schools in Bangalore

In order to spread the love for reading, the BookBite team has presented at several schools in Bangalore.

Our Network

BookBite is proud to have worked with some amazing schools and organisations working towards the same mission

Legacy School is proud to partner with a trailblazer like Soumya Tejam and be part of her initiative Bookbite - where we introduce her Accelerated Reading Program for all our students in Grades 9 - 12. Thank you for meeting with our students and inspiring them.

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Legacy School Bangalore BAR Program 2017

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